Whether you want to bike, hike, shop, or just stroll, Shenandoah County is rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage. Traditionally, a county with strong commercial ties to agriculture, Shenandoah is also one of the most historic and beautiful counties in the state. Shenandoah County is proudly home to six incorporated towns: Edinburg, Mount Jackson, Toms Brook, New Market, Strasburg and Woodstock. Known as The String of Pearls, each town has unique shops, restaurants and businesses. From outside to inside, we have just what you are looking for.

Shenandoah County continues to be a place where commerce and the power of human ingenuity work not only alongside but in the context of our great national heritage. We continue to promote the general welfare of our citizens and the prosperity of our County by developing a mutually beneficial network of local businesses, stimulating public support for our business community, and taking advantage of our beautiful location.

Whether you're new to our community, "born-and-raised," or simply passing through, we hope that you'll appreciate Shenandoah County for what it offers and continue to support our local economy.

We invite you to Come Play Outdoors and get to know Shenandoah County. Hike the 178 miles of trails that wind through the George Washington National Forest, and explore over 30 miles of streams that wander down the mountains to join the Shenandoah River in the valley below.

Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll in a small town or a strenuous hike on a mountain trail, a high energy mountain bike adventure or navigating a sleek kayak down the river, settling-in for the night at a rural campground or ending your day in a cozy hotel room- we have a variety of outside activities to suit your interests.

Come Play Outdoors and discover why there's only one Shenandoah County in the Shenandoah Valley!


See everything there is to do right here... Come Play Outside. Shenandoah County Outdoor Recreation from Shenandoah County Tourism on Vimeo.


The Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce is open weekdays from 9 am - 3 pm at 103 South Main St. in Woodstock.  Stop by and see us! You may also use the contact form to reach us, or if you wish, use one of the other contact methods provided on that page. 


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    Friday, April 17, 2015 at 07:00 PM
    Theatre Shenandoah, Edinburg


    Friday, April 17, 2015 at 07:00 PM
    The Schultz Theater in New Market

    Unspeakable Triumph of Supreme Brillance

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    The Real Value of Your Chamber Membership

    THE REAL VALUE OF CHAMBER MEMBERSHIP In a study commissioned by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives with support from Small Business Network Inc., Market Street (A part of The Shapiro Group Inc.) was able to determine the real value to companies – in terms of consumer outcomes – of joining and being active in their local chamber of commerce. (View full Schapiro Group Research Study) DO CONSUMERS REALLY SUPPORT BUSINESSES BECAUSE THEY ARE CHAMBER MEMBERS? Most consumers (59%) think that being active in the local chamber of commerce is an effective business strategy overall. It is 29% more effective, however, for communicating to consumers that a company uses good business practices and 26% more effective for communicating that a business is reputable. If a company shows that it is highly involved in its local chamber (e.g., sits on the board), consumers are 12% more likely to think that its products stack up better than its competition. When a consumer thinks that a company’s products stack up better against the competition because the company is highly involved in its local chamber of commerce, it is because he or she infers that the company is trustworthy, involved in the community, and is an industry leader. When consumers know that a restaurant franchise is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 40% more likely to eat at the franchise in the next few months. When consumers know that an insurance company is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 43% more likely to consider buying insurance from it. When consumers know that a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 44% more likely to think favorably of it and 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future. WHAT A LOCAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBERSHIP SHOWS CONSUMERS: 59% of consumers say that you’re showing people about your company 63% of consumers say that you’re showing you are involved in the community 64% of consumers say that you’re showing that you care about consumers 69% of consumers say that  you’re showing that you have a good reputation 70% of consumers say that you’re showing that you use good business practices IMPACT ON SMALL BUSINESSES Small businesses represent the largest segment by number of most chamber membership rolls, so it is important to quantify the impact that a chamber membership has on them. The following are the study results of respondents from small businesses when asked the impact of being a chamber member: 70% of consumers say that you’re showing that you use good business practices Overall 44% said it increases Consumer Favorability Overall 51% said it increases Consumer Awareness Overall 57% say it increases the Local Reputation Overall 63% say it increases the Likelihood of Future Patronage
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    Using your Chamber

    USING YOUR CHAMBER The Chamber is your home for complete access to the business community.  It is your chamber, why not access it all!  A Chamber membership is an investment in your business, it connects you to the community (social and professional).  The Chamber offers numerous cost saving benefits, and it allows you to be a leader in your field.  Begin using your chamber today!    NOT SURE HOW TO USE YOUR CHAMBER YET?  HERE ARE SOME REASONS PEOPLE JOIN AND HOW IT ALL WORKS 1. Visibility. Yes, you’ve heard it said time and time again, out of sight means out of mind. This is not a smart strategy for any business, especially when times are good. A market can change quickly. While good is the enemy of great, complacency and short-term thinking is the enemy of sustained marketing breakthroughs.2. Access. Unless you’re crazy or like consistent rejection, no one enjoys making cold calls all day long. When you join a chamber and actively get involved, you’ll discover that meeting prospects who can refer you to the key contacts you’re trying to reach is a huge benefit of membership. You’ll soon find yourself in situations where you can identify and meet decision-makers face-to-face.3. Ongoing training and education. Unless you have the luxury of a training budget or can afford to bring in local, regional or nationally known experts on different topics, I firmly believe that there’s no other organization in America that delivers timely programs at such an affordable price as a local or regional chamber of commerce. 4. Networking. From seminars, leads groups and luncheons to business expos and various business and community committees, there’s absolutely no excuse for not being able to meet new contacts, referrals and people who can help you with ideas and additional ways to grow your business. The old adage “out of sight, out of mind,” is so true in networking. In addition, doing business with fellow members who offer wonderful products, services, and ideas is also a big plus.5. Low-cost advertising opportunities. As far as visibility at the local level, a chamber offers a wide range of free or affordable advertising options and sponsorship packages for just about every business or nonprofit, regardless of how big or small their budget may be. This is a wonderful way to hold your marketing dollars accountable and see them working hard right before your eyes.6. Advocacy. A chamber researches, routinely discusses with local and regional government units, politicians and the media to keep people up to date on central issues of importance pertaining to their membership and the community. What happens to your local employees and customers does have an impact on your business, even if you’re a national chain. 
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