There is so much opportunity here in the Valley and in Virginia – great recreational options, affordable housing, excellent education systems at all levels, and increasing options for career advancement.

The problem? Sometimes the Valley remains a best-kept secret. We´ve made a number of in-roads in educating the rest of the nation about the advantages of doing business in the Valley. We continue to be named to great lists like a great place to get a job in America, a great place to retire and one of the nation´s strongest economies.

Like other parts of Virginia, attracting more people to fill our jobs and grow our companies can be a challenge. I applaud efforts across the state to focus on the many benefits of living in Virginia.

The busiest part of our local tourism season will soon be underway – and it´s a great chance for us to serve as ambassadors for our community. We will have visitors traveling from all over the U.S. eating at our restaurants, staying at our hotels, shopping at our retail centers and experiencing our wonderful attractions. We all know the Valley advantages – we live here and work here. I encourage you to talk to our visitors about why you choose to live and work in the Valley. Advertising, rankings and promotional efforts will all help tell the Valley story – but there is nothing quite as inspirational as a personal testimonial.

We strive to improve our community and make it a better place for future generations. That´s why we´re Chamber members, right? We believe that progress is everyone´s business and that we can have a positive impact on the Valley area´s progress by investing in the community through the Chamber. Thank you for your continued membership in the Chamber.

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