Purpose and Goals

The Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce is organized to achieve the following objectives:

• To advance the commercial, industrial, and civic growth and welfare of Shenandoah County.

• To aid in the advancement and conservation of the business, professional, and educational interests of the County of Shenandoah, and Commonwealth of Virginia

• To foster and encourage the agricultural development of the County of Shenandoah

• To enhance tourism prospects in Shenandoah County

• To advance retail opportunities in Shenandoah County

• To advocate for business interests within Shenandoah County

• To collect and provide statistical information and data in reference to the commerce, trade, business, capital, industry, and growth of the County of Shenandoah

• To aid, assist and cooperate in securing and establishing industries and business enterprises


Our Passion
We pursue our work with enthusiasm, fueled by a strong commitment to our mission.

We Strive for Excellence
We provide the highest quality programs and services, challenging ourselves to achieve greater results for our members, our community and each other.

Our Family
We respect, trust and support each other in an environment that embraces work-life balance.  


Every grand opening we attend.

Every indicator that tells of a thriving Shenandoah Valley.

Every new opportunity to assist our members in every way we can.

This is what motivates us.

Serving your business.

Serving our community.

Every day.


Together, we accomplish so much more than any one person or business can accomplish alone.

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